CODE dissemination of results and sustainability

As per the final meeting of the CODE steering committee, the ministry of education and higher education, as a partner of the CODE, decided to adopt the conclusions laid out in the final meeting.  Mainly, the dissemination of results, curriculum development, endorsement of results, and sustainability of the outcomes of the project.
Therefore, the CODE project considered the financing of dissemination activities which carried out from 21/5-25/5 to conduct field visits to technical and vocational schools that have relevant specialization to incorporate the outputs of the project in car mechanics, auto electricity, and auto-tronics professions.
The aim of the field visits was to reflect the expertise gained in CODE into the disciplines at those schools in Car-related professions.
The tentative agenda for the field activities was conducting a meeting at Deir Dibwan Industrial School on dissemination of results for Car mechanics ,conducting a meeting at Nablus Industrial School, cat auto-electricity, and car mechanics, auto-tronics workshops , a field visit to Tulkarem Industrial School, on car mechanics, a visit to Selat Al-Dhaher Industrial School on car mechanics and auto-electricity workshops, and a visit to Hebron Industrial School on car mechanics.