Professional Training on Vehicle Hydraulic Systems

During the period of 1-6/4/2017 and within the framework of the CODE project, Palestine Polytechnic University organized training on "Maintenance of Vehicle Hydraulic Systems".  The main objective of the training was to transfer the knowledge of vehicles hydraulic systems maintenance. The training covered the generally the following topics: revision on hydraulic systems, some popular fully hydraulic circuits, hydraulic system automation and finally the hydraulic servo valve control and applications. The theoretical and practical aspects related to these topics were covered in this training. The trainers of this training were Dr. Ahmad Abu Hanieh from (BZU), Dr. Husein Amro Eng. Abdalkarim Mohtasib from (PPU) and Eng. Zaid Alnazer from (PPU).
The training was completed successfully both in terms of agenda and participation. The training sessions were attended by coming to Hebron from all the partners in West Bank: PPU (Hebron), BZU (Birzeit), HHCOT (Nablus), and PTUK (Tulkarm).


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