Professions concerning road vehicles maintenance undergo several years of major changes. Mostly, due to new technologies, specific managerial methods, laws and regulations related to safety and environment. Increasingly, these jobs require specific skills as well as access to technical information and equipment. Obviously, there is a need for curricula suitable for lifelong profession, along with continuous professional training. The creation of Competence Centre to provide continuous professional support is the medium-term objective. But the specific objective is to develop curricula for engineering, technical and vocational education oriented to road vehicles specialization in West Bank & Gaza.

CODE aims at creating a sustainable model for an academic-official-professional partnership that can deliver concrete results in terms of targeted higher education reform and employability. To serve this purpose, CODE is designed to develop specific competencies and know-how through joint implementation of well-structured activities and cross-cutting initiatives to develop career-oriented curricula for road vehicle maintenance.


TEMPUS IV, Sixth Call - Joint Project, funded by the European Commission and managed by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

Project Title

Career-Oriented Curricula Development for Road Vehicle Maintenance

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C Stand for Career

O Stands for Oriented

DE Stands for Development