University College of Applied Sciences

Contact Person  
Eng. Mohammad Al-Afifi  
P. O. Box 1415, Own Shawa Street, Gaza, Palestine  
Tel: +970 8286 8999  
Fax: +970 8284 7404  

Partner presentation related to the project

UCAS is a Palestinian academic institution of higher education in Gaza Strip of Palestine. It was established in 1998 as a technical and vocational education college and is currently accredited by Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education as a University College. It offers bachelor and diploma degrees in more than 40 different distinguished technically and technologically-oriented programs.

Some of the main goals of UCAS are:

- Achieving advancement in the institution performance, promoting the level of public policies and developing the administrative capacities.

- Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the college in the field of applied and vocational education, and scientific research.

- Managing the available resources (whether human or physical resources) in a very high efficiency to support the financial stability of the college.

- Developing the educational and professional environment and improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Partner role in the project

UCAS will participate in all project activities including competence building and curricula development. It will provide full academic and technical support to the consortium in order to achieve project objectives. It will provide staff, resources and administrative support required to organize and conduct training sessions. Also, it will adopt and implement the project outputs regarding the curricula development for both academic and professional levels. This will allow the university to fulfill its role in the development of Palestinian community in Gaza Strip and ultimately the local vehicle industries and related businesses.