Engineers Association – Jerusalem Center

Contact Person  
Dr. Ishaq Sider  
P. O. Box 988, Al-Irsal, Ramallah, West-Bank, Palestine  
Tel: +970 2296 4780  
Fax: +970 2297 7478  

Partner presentation related to the project

EAJC is one of the most important professional unions in Palestinian Territories. Since its activation in 1963, it plays a great role in improving scientific, professional and cultural level of currently more than 12000 members. EAJC has established training centers in most of its branches at the national level. These centers aim to update the engineers' knowledge and to improve their professional capabilities. They also aim to serve the Association's interest in the know-how transfer and lifelong learning of the local engineers. This is to improve engineers' capabilities in various engineering, administrative, and information technology areas, which will qualify engineers professionally according to their needs.

Partner role in the project

The EAJC objectives are in line with project objectives regarding competence building, academic-professional partnership, and lifelong learning enhancement in the field of ground vehicles maintenance. Therefore, its participation is to satisfy part of its mission. It will work for representing the professional sector and will facilitate establishing relations with relevant businesses. In addition, it will invest its relations with governmental institutions, non-governmental institutions and individuals for achieving the project objectives. Though, it will participate in identifying needs, seminars, workshops, and any other related activities.