Ministry of Higher Education

Contact Person

Eng. Mahmoud Saleh  
P. O. Box 1932, Um Alsharayet, Al-Bireh, West-Bank, Palestine  
Tel: +970 2298 2611  
Fax: +970 2295 4518  

Partner presentation related to the project

MOHE will participate through the Technical and Vocational Education Department in response to its role in Palestinian National Strategy and Action Plan for higher education modernization, which calls for enforcing cooperation with private sectors. MOHE is responsible for management, development, and quality of higher and vocational education in response to social and economic needs of Palestinian society and labour market. Furthermore, MOHE employ new techniques to ensure its alignment with international efforts exerted in the field of education through adopting IT systems and intensify work on the improvement of educational facilities, according to the action plan and priorities of each geographical location.

Partner role in the project

The commitment of MOHE goes beyond the official endorsement to direct participation in the project. It represents the highest policy-making on the national level, which will impact on CODE sustainability. MOHE will build on CODE outputs to achieve its specific objective of establishing a Competence Center for road vehicle maintenance, and the Palestinian National Authority objective of modernizing higher and vocational education. MOHE will be involved in all the project activities to guarantee the sustainability of the project results. It will be involved in the project management by Steering Committee, which will ensure institutional implementation of project results, especially the academic-official-professional cooperation.