Ministry of Labour

Contact Person

Eng. Issa Amro  
P. O. Box 350, Al-Irsal Street, Ramallah, West-Bank, Palestine  
Tel: +970 2298 2800  
Fax: +970 2298 2801  

Partner presentation related to the project

MOL participates in the development of human resources in Palestine, especially in the field of vocational training. Its main mission is to guarantee the quality of training programs in order to meet the needs of the local labour market through the management and development of training centers in terms of human and curricula resources. MOL is the official authority responsible for licensing and supervision of training programs for vocational training institutions. It provides statistics and indicators for the labor market and training needs. Also, it works on building relationships with workers and employers during follow-up studies of graduates and other means for the use of researchers and decision-makers. MOL contributes to the organization of professional work market in Palestine. It has successful cooperation history with PPU in terms of consultation, training, and planning.

Partner role in the project

The Ministry of Labour participation will help to achieve its aims regarding the enhancement of maintenance and safety quality in the vehicles service sector through enhancing and improving Palestinian standards and safety-related regulations. Therefore, its participation is to satisfy part of its mission. It will work for representing the responsible authority for this sector, and it will facilitate establishing relations with relevant administrative departments. In addition, it will invest its resources to help achieving the project objectives, adopt and disseminate results, and give sustainability to the project. Though, it will participate in identifying needs, seminars, workshops, and any other related activities. In addition, the ministry will adopt the project outputs regarding the licensing of qualified technicians authorized to operate maintenance centers.