Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie

Contact Person

Dr. Khalid Shadeed  
P. O. BOX 7, Jaffa Road, Tulkarem, West-Bank, Palestine  
Tel: +970 9267 1026  
Fax: +970 9267 7922  

Partner presentation related to the project

PTUK is established recently by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education with a view to providing an umbrella for all Palestinian Technical Colleges in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The university aims at providing high quality education and specialized training in key areas that support the national targets and strategies laid out by the Palestinian Government (Palestinian National Authority). Specifically, the university provides and seeks to provide the local and regional labor market with the urgently needed skills required for its economic growth. This university will play a major future role in the technological education in Palestinian Territories, which includes providing ground vehicle maintenance courses in certain Technical Colleges. The University’s participation in this project will allow it to prepare for this new departure.

Partner role in the project

PTUK will participate in the project activities that aim at competence building and curricula development. It will provide full academic and technical support to the consortium in order to achieve project objectives. It will provide staff, resources and administrative support required to organize and conduct training sessions. Also, it will invest it official status and recognition in adopting and implementing the project outputs regarding the curricula development for both academic and professional levels. This will allow the university to fulfill its role in the development of Palestinian community in general and ultimately the local vehicle industries and related services, large and small. Furthermore, its participation will help to achieve its aims regarding the creation of quality research and training centers for the vehicles service sector with the purpose of enhancing and improving Palestinian standards and safety-related regulations.