Birzeit University

Contact Person

Dr. Ahmed Abu Hanieh
P. O. Box 14, Birzeit, West-Bank, Palestine
Tel: +970 2298 2115
Fax: +970 2298 2984

Partner presentation related to the project

BZU started as a school in 1924, and became the first institution of higher education in Palestine in 1972. Over the past three decades, the university has become well-recognized amongst the more prominent universities of the Middle East. BZU has nine faculties offering a total of 48 (of them 2 diploma programs) undergraduate programs and 23 master programs. The university has a student body of approximately 9913 students of which about 1382 are graduate students and full time faculty members of 375, as in the academic year 2011–2012. In addition to its academic programs, the University has institutes, centers, and programs that are designed to develop and support the community-oriented programs that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Palestine. BZU has strong academic relations with European universities, and is active in many EU programs including PEACE, FP5, FP6, FP7, ENPI, and Tempus.

Partner role in the project

BZU is committed to excellence and encourages creativity, experimentation, innovation, perfection as well as team work and democratic practices anchored in pluralism, freedom of expression and respect for others. The University endeavors to excel in higher education, scientific research, and service to the community. Based on that, it will provide qualified staff and resources for the project activities in order to achieve its final objectives regarding the building of the competence network. Its staff will take part in the training and in the development of the curricula for technical and professional levels. Also, it will provide staff and facilities for conducting local training and pilot testing of the developed curricula for road vehicle maintenance.