Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

Contact Person

Prof. Fouad Badran  
Rue Saint Martin, 75003, Île de France, Paris, France  
Tel: +33 140 272 269  
Fax: +33 140 272 769  

Partner presentation related to the project

CNAM is a french university, its main mission is to provide continuous and alternately education. It holds several chairs devoted to various trades: scientific, technological, managerial, economic and human sciences, etc. These chairs prepare for graduation from the bachelor to master degrees and engineer diplomas. CNAM has several schools, institutes and a network of associated centers in all France regions. Through its network, the CNAM has developed a real offer for an open and distance learning. Regarding to vehicles maintenance, CNAM has well-established partnership with GARAC and GNFA (two professional training institutions for automotive engineering and technology and linked to relevant industry in France) has developed engineer curricula in “vehicles maintenance” which actually has an option for “cars maintenance”. This training will benefit from the numerous skills distributed in its various chairs.

Partner role in the project

CNAM will provide to this project:

- Its technical and pedagogical skills.

- Its experience in vocational training and in alternately education (between institution and companies).

- Its pedagogical resources, especially in distance learning courses.

- Its several related laboratories for training.

- Its skills in engineering training and its partnership with business sector.


It will intervene in several work packages:

- Holding training sessions in the Middle East (ME)

- Hosting participants from ME for advanced training sessions in France.

- Participating in developing curricula committees.

- Using its skills to assist participants from ME universities in the production activities (pedagogical resources).

- Joint the supervision of a graduate student project.

- Participating in curricula developing process.