Università degli Studi dell’Aquila

Contact Person

Prof. Michele Anatone  
Monteluco di Roio, Piazzale Pontieri, 67040, L'Aquila, Italy  
Tel: +39 862 434360  
Fax: +39 862 434303  

Partner presentation related to the project

UNIVAQ counts presently 24.000 students, 644 teachers-researchers, 504 administrative and technical staff. It comprises 9 Faculties (Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Psychology, Economics, Educational Sciences; Physical Sciences, Biotechnologies), 17 Departments, 2 Excellence Centres of Research (CETEMPS, DEWS), 3 interdepartmental Research Centres and delivers: 45 Bachelors, 46 Masters, 1 interfaculty Master, 22 PhD programmes, 40 specialization schools, 30 1-year specialisation courses. The internationalisation gave rise to 3 joint Bachelor and honour Bachelor degrees, 5 joint Master degrees, 1 Erasmus Mundus Master degree, 1 joint PhD. The University favours outgoing and incoming mobility of students and teachers through the International Relations Office (IRO) and other services as “Centro linguistico” (for providing free language courses to incoming and outgoing students).


Partner role in the project

L’Aquila University in Italy is very active in research related to innovative vehicle technologies. Within its department of “Mechanical Engineering, Management and Energy” at the Faculty of Engineering, the University has developed teaching curricula and research themes relevant to ground vehicle industry: hybrid automotive traction, fuel cell, electric vehicles, internal combustion engines, thermoelectric conversion, fluid-dynamics of small turbo-machines, and pollutants diffusion. It shall play a major role in this project especially in the framework of training sessions. Moreover, the University has established scientific cooperation ties with PPU. Despite the damage and destruction it has witnessed due to the recent earthquake, the University has accepted to assume the leading position of the project, given its wide experience in Tempus projects.