Palestine Polytechnic University

Contact Person:

Dr. Momen Sughayyer  
Tempus Project Coordinator  
P. O. Box 198, Wadi-Alhariah, Hebron, Palestine  
Tel: +970 2223 0068  
Fax: +970 2223 1099  

Partner presentation related to the project

PPU primary mission is to provide high quality education in engineering, computing, science, management, vocational, and professional training. It has five faculties that offer four master programs, eighteen bachelor degree programs, and more than thirty diploma programs in addition to eight community service centers.

Its strategy is to foster an innovative, multidisciplinary, research intensive university that serve community socio-economic development. PPU dedicates particular attention to enhance its relations with enterprise for identifying local needs and priorities to achieve higher graduates' employability.

Its staff has been active in most of national development programs that are led by National Palestinian Authority, especially with MOHE. PPU is also a member of several international academic organizations and has participated successfully in several EU funded projects like TEMPUS and non EU programs like Word Bank Quality Improvement Fund.


Partner role in the project

PPU is recognized by National Palestinian Authorities and local community as a leading institution in the fields related to road vehicles, given its programs in Automotive Engineering and Technology as well as its accredited Vehicle Testing Centre. Its long experience in this field was the driving force behind the original idea of this project; therefore, PPU will assume a leading responsibility of the project. It is the leader of WP1 and WP11.

Its contribution in advancing the project will include providing qualified staff and facilities for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, and control of activities to produce the expected results according to the project time line and budget. To this end, PPU will work in accordance with the consortium and the project Steering Committee. The management methodology is designed to foster the local universities role in the serving society needs and to enhance the interuniversity networking between local and European partners.